Surgical retrieval of sperm treatment in Hyderabad

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Surgical retrieval of sperm treatment in Hyderabad

Surgical retrieval of sperm techniques involves procedures like PESA (percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration) and TESA (testicular sperm aspiration) are performed to obtain sperm in certain cases of male infertility. It is performed in the case when males suffer from problems in sperm production or infection or blockages in their reproductive tract (due to vasectomy, congenital absence) or males with zero sperm counts.

The production of sperm involves a system of tubes within the male reproductive system. The male sperm are produced in the testis in seminiferous tubules, and the tubules are connected to the epididymis (where the sperm are held for a short while after production). The epididymis is connected with a vas deferens that leads to the opening called the urethra. The sperm moves through the system to be deposited in semen during production. Then the tubules are then sent to the laboratory to retrieve the sperm. Based on individual health, the doctor recommends the treatment, and the procedures are performed under local anesthetic or sedation.

PESA helps extract sperm from the epididymis, and TESA involves their dissection from the testis' tubules to achieve pregnancy. In the PESA technique fine needle is passed through the skin into the male epididymis to obtain sperm, and in the TESA technique, a fine needle is passed through the skin directly into the male testes, and a small amount of seminiferous tubules are retrieved.

Surgical retrieval of sperm treatment in Hyderabad

The sperm retrieved with the help of PESA or TESA technique is usually low compared to the number present in an ejaculate. Hence the sperm is used in combination with IVF or ART technique to achieve health and successful pregnancy.

Ideal candidate for PESA/TESA

Males suffering from testicular problems that leads to poor sperm production
Males with vasectomy or an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal
Males with obstruction of the genital tract
Males with Congenital absence in their vas deferens
Males suffering from varicocele or benign testicular cysts problems

Both the TESA and PESA are outpatient procedures, and the patient is usually allowed to leave the clinic within the same day of treatment. The recovery takes one day as the procedure is minimally invasive. After the procedures, the patient is advised to wear tight-fitting pants to support the scrotum. The patient is also given a dose of pain relievers to manage discomfort.

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