Semen analysis test in Hyderabad

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Semen analysis test in Hyderabad

Analysis of the semen or sperm count test helps analyze the health and viability, and morphology of the sperm. The semen contains sperm, fluid, sugars, and protein that are analyzed during the semen analysis test. The semen analysis test helps measure the quantity and quality of the fluid released during ejaculation. This test helps evaluate the liquid portion of semen and moving cells (sperm) under a microscope.

The semen analysis lab report help evaluate various factors, such as

Motility of the sperm

The motility of sperm helps analyze how the sperm swim, wiggles through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tube. The experts check the motility of sperm and how fast the sperm move in a straight line.

Morphology of the sperm

The shape of sperm offers healthy development. If the shape of the sperm is misshapen, it indicates the sperm are exposed to chemicals, toxins, or some other problems.

Semen analysis test in Hyderabad

Volume of semen

The normal range of semen is from 1.5 to 5.0 milliliters. If the volume is low, it can be a sign of damage or obstruction in the male ejaculatory ducts. Another condition is called retrograde ejaculation, in which the bladder goes into the bladder and causes low volume semen production.

Count of the sperm

This helps to determine the number of sperm in the semen sample. The healthy sperm count is from 70-80 million sperm/mL. Males, if they have low sperm count, but it is of high quality, then such males are also considered very fertile. But, a low sperm count can be an indication of a problem in the body.

Infertile couples must make sure the male partner is tested. In one is facing trouble becoming pregnant, and then a semen analysis test is performed at Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi Nova IVF Fertility Centre, Hyderabad. The semen is collected in a sterile container to perform the test, and it is then analyzed. The test helps the evaluation of male infertility and helps guide decisions about infertility treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Semen analysis is another advancement in the field of IVF wherein the analysis of the semen sample helps in ascertaining the quality of sperm. Dr Chandana Lakkireddi has a state of the art facility with an affordable semen analysis cost in Hyderabad. Her clinic does the semen analysis test with utmost precision, which truly augments the chances of conceiving. Dr Chandana’s clinic is one of the most equipped and reputed when it comes to semen analysis test in Hyderabad.

It is a very comprehensive report and helps doctors precisely ascertain the methodology for the low sperm count treatment. This reports factor in all the crucial parameters such as the Motility of the sperm, the Morphology of the sperm, Volume of semen and Count of the sperm. Such a widely researched report helps the doctor, and the best part being, Dr Chandana’s clinic offers this without making a hole in your pocket. Dr Chandana’s clinic has one of the most affordable semen analysis costs in Hyderabad.

Apart from the fact that Dr Chandana’s clinic offers the most price-effective semen analysis test cost in Hyderabad, the report also helps narrow down the treatment to the required area, which helps the couples to conceive. In usual cases, a healthy sperm count is 70-80 million sperm/ml. Although having a low sperm count per se doesn’t affect your fertility, it highlights the fact that there might be something wrong which is further reflected in other parameters.

Having less volume of semen indicates the fact that there might be some issues with the ejaculation duct. But these issues can be treated, and Dr Chandana’s clinic does the most accurate and comprehensive semen analysis test in Hyderabad. This helps the doctors in doing a more focussed treatment.


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