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PGD treatment in Hyderabad

Preimplantation genetic testing is a genetic screening technique for embryos used for the process of IVF. It screens a single cell from an embryo to detect single gene chromosomal disorder before pregnancy. If the embryos are detected to be free of disease, they are then implanted into the uterine cavity. It enables the patient to prevent their hereditary disease from passing on to their babies.

Who is the best candidate for PGD?

It is performed on the patient having recurrent miscarriages due to an expected genetic disorder.
The parents having the genetic disorder and do not want it to pass on to their babies are also good candidates for this technique.
It decreases the chance of babies having genetic abnormalities.
Women over 37 years of age are also good candidates for this technique as older age women have higher chances of genetic abnormalities.
Sperms at high risk of chromosomal problems are also screened.
If one has a previous baby with a genetic disorder.
PGD treatment in Hyderabad

Preimplantation genetic testing procedure

The procedure of Pre-implantation genetic screening is similar to IVF, but it includes an extra step for genetic screening. The basic steps of PGD are-

The couples undergo a normal IVF cycle for fertilization and embryo development.
The embryo is left for 5 days till the cells have divided and blastomere formed not 3 days
Then, the chromosomes are examined for any chromosomal abnormalities.
One or two embryos without any chromosomal abnormalities are then implanted into the uterus so that they can develop into a healthy baby.
The embryos with chromosomal abnormalities are destroyed or may be used for the research.

Genetic conditions tested during PGD treatment

This technique is tested for around 250 genetic conditions. Some common conditions where it is performed are-

Autosomal recessive disorders - Couples being a carrier for the mutation, and there are one-fourth chances of having an affected child.

Some examples of autosomal recessive disorders are -

Cystic fibrosis
Sickle cell anemia
Gaucher’s disease

X-linked diseases - It is a mutation in a single gene containing X-chromosome. This disease mostly occurs in the male as males contain only a single copy of the X-chromosome. It does not affect women as they contain two X-chromosomes and have a normal gene. They are referred to as carriers.

Some examples of X-linked disorder are -

Haemophilia A and B
Myotubular myopathy
Fragile X

Dominant disorders - It is inherited when a single gene is passed from the parent to the child.

Some examples of the dominant disorder are -

Huntington’s disease
Polycystic kidney disease
Myotonic dystrophy

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