Peripheral blood- Karyotyping in Hyderabad

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Peripheral blood- Karyotyping in Hyderabad

The chromosomes are the parts of the cells that contain genes, and genes carry information from parents to progeny and help determine the unique traits in their progeny.

Any type of change in the chromosomal number or in their shape or size can cause genetic disease in a baby.

The karyotyping of blood cells helps provide information about chromosomal abnormalities and their phenotypic effects. The peripheral blood cells are cultured and are used for chromosomal analysis.

Peripheral blood studies are the best method performed to study chromosomal patterns. It is the most routinely used method for karyotyping analysis. In this test, the whole blood's T lymphocytes elements are used for peripheral blood lymphocyte culture. The culture test is done to obtain the metaphase chromosome, and the chromosome analysis testing can reveal certain genetic abnormalities. The testing helps reveal a couple of risks for having a progeny with a genetic or chromosomal disorder.

The genetic testing karyotyping is done in the following candidates

Not able to conceive for more than a year
Facing two or more consecutive miscarriages
Males with low sperm count
Females with primary ovarian dysfunction condition
Couples experienced stillborn birth.
Peripheral blood- Karyotyping in Hyderabad

In this test, the blood is taken from both male and female partners, and then blood cells are placed in a special medium to encourage their growth; and when the cells reach a particular stage of growth, then they are stained and studied under a microscope, and the shape and size of the cells are analyzed. The number of chromosomes is also counted, and a chromosome arrangement is also evaluated.

The test helps to find the cause of infertility or repeated miscarriages. The other benefits of this treatment also help avoid genetic disease passing from parents to their future child.

Disease or genetic condition for infertility is Klinefelter’s syndrome (XXY sex chromosomes), Y Chromosome Micro-deletions, Balanced translocation, Kallmann syndrome, CFTR gene mutation, and all this can be detected with the help Peripheral blood- Karyotyping test.

Karyotyping test helps check the unborn baby for genetic disorders, help find out the chromosomal defect in females that are causing miscarriages, and help detect the chromosomal defect that caused a stillborn baby.

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