Ovulation Cycle Tracking Treatment in Hyderabad

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Ovulation Cycle Tracking Treatment in Hyderabad

Ovulation Cycle Tracking is a process that helps females to track the days that are most fertile and help couples plan sexual intercourse according to achieve the best chances of conception.

Many couples face problems in getting pregnant, and for those who are looking for the best way to conceive naturally, the best way is ovulation cycle tracking. The best thing about this treatment is that it does not include any medications or treatments to achieve pregnancy.

Ovulation is processes that take place in females in which the mature egg is released from the ovary, and it moves down the fallopian tubes and is viable for fertilization. In females, the average menstrual cycle is of 28 days, and females ovulate around the 14th day, hence in females, the fertile days are 12, 13, 14, and 15, and this can also vary from patient to patient according to their per cycle length. Hence, to achieve natural conception, a doctor advises sexual intercourse on the most fertile days.

Ovulation Cycle Tracking Treatment in Hyderabad

Consulting an expert can help in monitoring the cycles, and the ovulation process is tracked with the help of regular sonography; and the doctor also monitors the endometrium thickness, follicle growth, and uterus condition to determine the fertile days. Urine tests and ultrasound helps in a more accurate analysis of the cycle and fertility window. Blood tests help experts to measure the amount of estrogen, progesterone, and luteinizing hormone levels present in each cycle and allow them to anticipate ovulation earlier.

The best thing about this tracking procedure is that it is more accurate than home ovulation prediction kits.

If one is trying to conceive naturally, then the timing of intercourse is important, and the most fertile window is the days leading to ovulation, or when the egg is released from the ovary. After the ovulation process, the eggs can survive only for 24 hours, and sperm has the capability for fertilizing for 2-3 days in the fallopian tubes. Hence, the couples are suggested to have intercourse during the fertile female window so that sperm are already waiting for the egg when the female ovulates.

If one is having regular or irregular periods and even couples who are not able to achieve a successful pregnancy, then a specialist can help to get pregnant by determining their fertile window.

Ovulation cycle tracking is available with Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi specialists at Nova Fertility IVF Centre, Hyderabad. For more information book an appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The preliminary step is Ovulation Cycle Tracking Treatment which helps keep track of the ovulation periods. The ovulation induction treatment in Hyderabad is best done at Dr Chandana Lakkireddi’s clinic with her vast experience in the field of infertility treatment. The primary step is followed by the ovulation induction treatment, making the whole process smooth and efficient. Once the ovulation cycles are tracked, it becomes easy for the Doctor to assess the timings for ovulation induction. This leads to healthy pregnancy coupled with augmented chances of success in conceiving.

One of the most prominent reasons for its success is that it gives an assured means of treatment with the least ovulation treatment cost in Hyderabad. The cost factor does come in when it comes to getting any medical treatment, irrespective of your problem. With the advancement in research, it has become possible to substantially reduce the prices, which makes it affordable for even those who don’t have deep pockets.

Dr Chandana’s accreditation is because of the years she has put in the field and the great amount of experience she decor while working with the best minds across the globe. She has worked with experts and has decades of experience while working as an infertility expert. She has dealt with complex cases all through her career, which invariably makes her the most preferred doctor if you want best ovulation induction treatment in Hyderabad.

In the midst of a busy life, people tend to forget things which makes their life more complicated. And these complications are reflected in missing ovulation cycles and further necessitates the need for Ovulation Induction Treatment. Dr Chandana has a proven track record while doing ovulation induction treatment in Hyderabad, making her the best infertility expert in the country.


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