Oocyte Retrieval treatment in Hyderabad

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Oocyte Retrieval treatment in Hyderabad

Oocytes or ovum are female gametes that can fuse with the male gamete or sperm, which leads to fertilization. The female eggs are produced during the woman's reproductive years, and when a female ovulates, a single egg is released when it matures. It then enters the fallopian tube and comes in contact with a sperm and fertilizes and forms a pregnancy. If this egg does not fertilize, it will continue through the fallopian tubes and leave the body in the form of blood from v-agina. The oocyte retrieval process involves collecting mature eggs from female ovaries before the ovarian follicles release.

Oocyte or Egg collection process is a technique of the IVF process. This is performed to remove the oocyte from the female ovary for enabling fertilization outside the body. The egg retrieval process is quick and essentially painless and completed in 15-30 minutes.

In this surgery, the doctor uses ultrasound to identify the ovaries and then gently guide a needle attached to the catheter through the walls of the vagina. Then eggs are withdrawn out with the help of a light suction process. They are collected in a test tube and then cryopreserved. Once the oocyte retrieval process is complete, the needle is removed, and the doctor checks for the vaginal wall and ovaries. If some bleeding occurs, the cauterizing agent is used to quell the bleeding.

Oocyte Retrieval treatment in Hyderabad

After the egg retrieval process, the patient may experience some soreness in the vaginal area and some abdominal cramping that will correct in a few days. Pain relievers are also given to manage discomfort associated with the treatment.

The females who undergo this procedure are administered with hCG about one day before the procedure. This helps the ovaries to mature oocytes in preparation for release.

The retrieved ovarian follicular fluid is then taken into the laboratory, where it is examined to identify oocytes present in the fluid. The benefits of oocyte retrieval are that it helps couples suffering from infertility to undergo ART and conceive.

For successful follicle or oocyte aspiration in Hyderabad, consult with senior infertility and IVF specialist Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi at Nova IVF Fertility Center, Hyderabad. The clinic offers fast, precise, and helps to retrieve maximum undamaged oocytes without complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The oocyte is also known as Ovum, are the female gametes that fuse with sperm to complete fertilisation. This process helps in capturing those mature eggs from female ovaries before they get released. This process is adopted in IVF treatment to collect the mature eggs and does fertilize them with sperm outside the body. This treatment process helps in augmenting the chances of pregnancy e while reducing the extent of uncertainty. Dr Chandana's clinic has the best Oocyte retrieval treatment in Hyderabad, made possible by the reduced laser-assisted hatching treatment cost in Hyderabad. She is one of the most reputed infertility experts for this treatment.

This is a process that requires precision coupled with expertise wherein ultrasound is used to identify the ovaries and suck out eggs through the walls of the vagina wire, a light suction process. Dr Chandana provides the best laser-assisted hatching treatment in Hyderabad. Frankly, it is the most trusted doctor for this treatment with the great amount of experience she decorates as an infertility expert. In fact, her laser-assisted hatching treatment cost in Hyderabad is the most competitive when it comes to other hospitals giving the same treatment. She is the Pioneer in making this treatment process more affordable for the majority section of the population.

With the advent of laser-assisted hatching treatment in Hyderabad, the chances have increased multiple folds. Dr Chandana is one of the top experts when it comes to Oocyte retrieval treatment in Hyderabad, and she has treated numerous patients which essentially speaks volumes about the Precision with which she does this treatment. Having someone like Dr Chandana at the helm of your treatment, you can be sure of getting the best possible results without inviting any complexities.

There are certain physical experiences that may happen to patients, but it varies on a case to case basis. With the laser-assisted hatching treatment cost in Hyderabad coming down substantially, most of the patient gets assured results and by and large, the process is painless. Dr Chandana is undoubtedly the best when it comes to Oocyte retrieval treatment in Hyderabad.


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