best ivf hospital in hyderabad

Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi

Get the Best IVF treatment in Hyderabad from an Expert IVF Specialist at Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi IVF Clinic, the world-leading IVF clinic in Hyderabad..

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best ivf hospital in hyderabad
best ivf hospital in hyderabad
best ivf hospital in hyderabad

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Dr. Chandana's Fertility Hospitals in Hyderabad

Dr Chandana Lakkireddi has one of the best IVF hospitals in Hyderabad. Her credentials of running the IVF hospital in Hyderabad are well established, which can be ascertained from the fact that she has been a practising doctor at Barnet and Chasefarm, Lewisham, St Georges Croydon University hospital of the United Kingdom. She distinguishes practising under world-renowned IVF specialists, a rare phenomenon among the fertility hospitals in Hyderabad.

Her specialization is substantiated because she is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the British Fertility Society. specialist areas include repeated rated IUI failures, Recurrent IVF failures, Low Ovarian reserve, Resistant PCO, Male Infertility, endometriosis, and Genetic Issues in Reproduction. She has an MBBS from Osmania Medical College Hyderabad. Her IVF expertise is further substantiated because she has an MD in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.

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Our Treatment Approach

We are specialized in dealing with all problems related to infertility. Treatments are the most advanced and unique approach is followed for each case type.

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You can book an appointment with us to avail our quality treatment benefits.

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Expert will diagnose the patient condition and concerns and suggest particular and diagnostic tests and treatments.

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Based on the diagnostic tests and reports, the treatment approach is advised based on an individual concern that helps one achieve the best results.

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After the treatment, proper after care and follow up must be taken to offer the best results.

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ivf hospital in hyderabad

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ivf hospital in hyderabad



ivf hospital in hyderabad


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a procedure in which the sperm selected is directly injected into the egg with a tiny needle, called a micropipette. This technique improves the chances of pregnancy. Dr Chandana’s infertility hospital in Hyderabad is a living testament of her expertise in this field.

In this method, the cultured dishes are then incubated in a special condition, and after 12-24 hours, they are inspected for the signs of fertilization. The fertilized eggs then divide and form an embryo. You need to go to the best IVF hospital in Hyderabad for an assured treatment involving the ICSI technique.

These techniques help couples who can’t conceive, and this acts as a boon for them, but you need to see expert fertility hospitals in Hyderabad for assured results.

There isn’t a fixed percentage, but the chances are very optimal unless there is something beyond the scope of medical sciences. You need to visit the best infertility hospital in Hyderabad or India for the assured result.