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IMSI in Hyderabad

IMSI is a technique used for the selection of sperm for fertilization. This technique is used in IVF to optimize and select sperm by using a higher power magnification for microinjecting into the egg. Using higher magnification helps the doctors easily identify the tiny defects in the sperm, as, in this procedure, the sperm is verified morphologically before the IVF process. IMSI provides doctors to select a healthy sperm for a higher success rate of IVF.

Ideal candidate for IMSI procedure-

Male with low sperm count
Male with poor sperm motility
Couples with repeated IVF failure
Male with defective or poor quality sperm
Males having a higher number of morphologically abnormal sperms.
IMSI in Hyderabad

Procedure of IMSI

IMSI procedure usually takes 60 min or maybe several hours. There are various steps in the IMSI technique.

In the first step, the fresh or frozen sample of sperm (semen) is taken.
The sample is then examined under a higher power magnification of 6000x, which helps in clear visualization of the sperm.
Then, a single, most healthy sperm is selected for the microinjection.
The morphologically defected sperms are then discarded.
The healthy sperms are then placed into a catheter and then inserted deep inside the mature egg with the IVF technique's help.

Why choose IMSI to achieve a healthy pregnancy?

A healthy pregnancy depends on the embryo's quality, and the embryo quality depends on the types of gametes' health, i.e., sperm and ovum. The defected sperm can form the embryo but can lead to failed implantation and increase the risk of miscarriage. IMSI is performed on couples with repeated IVF failures and has defected sperms. IMSI with the IVF technique allows the couples to have a healthy baby. Due to the higher magnification microscope used in this technique, the normal or highly fertile sperms have been selected to lower the rate of miscarriage and infertility. This method is recommended for patients with recurrent implantation failure and abnormal sperm shape. This method can identify the smallest abnormalities in the morphology of the sperm that cannot be detected by using a simple microscope. The sperms that are selected for microinjection have the most normally shaped nuclei. It is the only technique in which sperm selection is performed just before the microinjection.

Success rates of IMSI

The success rate of IMSI is higher than the conventional ICSI procedure. In the IMSI technique, the magnification is 400 fold higher than in the ICSI procedure. IMSI improves the IVF success rate and reduces the chance of aneuploidy and miscarriages.

To avail of the IMSI procedure benefits to achieve a healthy pregnancy, visit today at Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi Nova IVF Fertility Centre, Hyderabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a technique used to make the IVF process more efficient, thus augmenting pregnancy by selecting the right sperm for fertilization. Dr Chandana runs the top IMSI treatment clinic in Hyderabad. She has expertise in this field and has worked on numerous cases where the complexity of the Matrix was way too high. And on top of it, when it comes to IMSI cost in Hyderabad, she has the most reasonable charges for the treatment, which makes her clinic the best place for IMSI fertility treatment in Hyderabad.

Earlier, there used to be a lot of uncertainty with IVF treatment. Still, continuous research, coupled with the advancement in technology, has made the whole process more smooth and efficient than ever. This process involves the use of magnification to identify the defects in the sperm and thus separating them and choosing the right sperm for fertilization. Any top IMSI treatment clinic in Hyderabad gives very much importance to this since this plays an instrumental role in achieving pregnancy. Dr Chandana's IMSI fertility treatment in Hyderabad has helped numerous patients realise their dream, and she is working tirelessly to make the process more efficient.

This treatment method is largely targeting those patients who have low sperm count and sperm motility, poor quality of sperm or abnormalities in sperms. Earlier, the IMSI cost in Hyderabad was very high, but fortunately, the rates have reduced substantially, making it affordable for a commoner. One needs to make the right decision while going for IMSI fertility treatment in Hyderabad because of the Precision required to make the process successful.

Since healthy pregnancy is pivoted around the fact that both the sperm and ovum should be of high quality to augment the chances of healthy pregnancy thereby, one can't take the risk of taking this step casually. One needs to go to the top IMSI treatment clinic in Hyderabad to obtain the best results. Dr Chandana's IMSI fertility treatment in Hyderabad has proved itself to be the best over the years. Her clinic has a wide range of equipment and experts to give you the best treatment possible, which in turn will ensure a healthy pregnancy.


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