Egg donation in Hyderabad

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Egg donation in Hyderabad

Many females are not able to conceive with their own oocytes or eggs. In such a case, donor eggs are used to attain pregnancy and deliver a baby.

Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi Nova IVF Fertility Centre, Hyderabad, provides healthy donor eggs of females ages 21-35 with no genetic or inheritable diseases. A donor egg program is an ideal option for females suffering from premature menopause, non-functional ovaries, damaged ovaries due to chemotherapy or cancer treatment, poorly functional ovaries due to older age, and females at more risk of transferring genetic disease.

The eggs collected from the donor are used for the recipient fertility treatment, and the eggs are fused with the sperm, often recipient partner, and the formed embryo after fertilization is transferred into the recipient female womb.

In some cases, the embryos are transferred to a gestational carrier or surrogate.

Women who benefit from this procedure are those in which the ovaries are absent and with multiple failed IVF cycles.

Egg donation in Hyderabad

The donor can either be known or anonymous.

Female who has no ovaries, poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, genetic diseases, or other problems can opt for egg donation to achieve pregnancy. A female should be physically and psychologically healthy for an egg donation.

Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi helps patients get highly qualified, disease-free, and extensively screened donor eggs to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

In the egg donation process, one female donates her eggs to another female to help them achieve a pregnancy.

To achieve pregnancy with an egg donation program or to know more about the donor egg program, visit today at Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi Nova IVF Fertility Centre, Hyderabad.


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