With the growing science and technology, being infertile is no more an issue and should not be taken as a curse. The traditional IVF treatments are way more exhausting and expensive as it requires several sessions and daily injections of fertility medications. Fortunately, now we have a new affordable and less stressful fertility treatment, minimal stimulation IVF. Those who want a quicker treatment with less hurdle can go for a mini IVF treatment. So boost up now and prepare yourself to welcome your first baby. In this blog, I will be explaining the techniques, pros and the success rate of mini IVF treatment.

What is Mini IVF Treatment?

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Mini IVF treatment is the same as that of traditional IVF but has lesser procedures, operations and provides low dosages of drugs. The process is the same as IVF, the male and female gametes, i.e. ovum and sperm are fertiliser in the laboratory. Then the embryo is placed inside the female’s uterus for growth and development. The mini IVF treatment requires low doses of medicines, and fewer eggs are produced during this treatment.

Why should you go for Mini IVF treatment?

Mini IVF treatment ensures mild medicines and less doses of drugs and injections used during the process. It is the best available fertility treatment for PCOS patients. This treatment is best for females who will have cancer treatment shortly or have a low ovarian reserve. Due to the low dosage of medications, mini IVF can be repeated back to back, which gives more opportunities to conceive successfully. This treatment doesn’t have an impact on the body as traditional IVF treatment.

What is the success rate of Mini IVF treatment?

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  • Studies reveal that 49% of couples who opted for Mini IVF successfully conceived and gave birth to a healthy child.
  • None of the clients has shown ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).
  • The cycle cost is cheaper and affordable as few gonadotropins are used.
  • Patients with PCOS have shown a positive response.


Mini IVF treatment is the new and latest technology that can help you conceive. An ideal Mini IVF candidate should be under 35, suffering from any tubal factor infertility. Before any fertility treatment, start living a healthy lifestyle. Quit drinking and smoking, have a balanced diet, live a stress-free life, take prenatal supplements, have a good night sleep, take 3-6months to plan your mini IVF treatment for successful conception. Mini IVF treatment can help you conceive without any hurdle, and can help you bring happiness and joy in the family. For any query regarding fertility treatment, visit Dr Chandana Lakkireddi, the best infertility specialist in Hyderabad. Book your appointment now.

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