Choosing the right menu for dinner can help you get pregnant!! Yes, this is true. Your eating disorders impact fertility. Studies reveal that for women trying to conceive naturally, a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals can show positive effects. Omega-3-Fatty acids, folic acid, vitamin B12 are essential to be fertile and healthy. Antioxidants, vitamin D, dairy products, soy, caffeine, and alcohol have little or no effect on fertility. Trans fat and “unhealthy diets” can show adverse effects. So you should be very particular in choosing your buffet when you think of conceiving. Here I am Listing the vital eating disorders you must know that can impact fertility.There are different types of eating disorders like:

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Anorexia nervosa: It is restricted eating because of fear of gaining weight.

Bulimia nervosa: It is feeling lack of control while eating.

Binge eating disorder: Similar to bulimia nervosa, but without the compensatory behaviour to avoid weight gain. 

Eating disorder not otherwise specified: Irregular eating or weight-related behaviour that can not be categorised under the above-listed conditions.

Effects of eating disorders infertility 

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  • People with eating disorders can be nutritionally compromised, more vulnerable to amenorrhea ( no menstrual cycles) or oligomenorrhea (irregular menstrual cycles), and may face challenges in conceiving. 
  • About 70-90% of women suffering from anorexia nervosa reported of irregular menstruation, getting their periods once in 3-4months
  • About 40% of people with bulimia nervosa and 50% of people with other types of disordered eating have regular periods, while about 30-40% of people with these subtypes have no periods at all.
  • Limitless alcohol, malnutrition, lack of balanced diet or lack of prenatal supplements can affect the health of the foetus and also increases the chance of a miscarriage.

What Should You Choose For Your Meal?

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  • Have a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrition.
  • Have enough vitamin B12, folic acid.
  • Eat the sources rich in omega-3-fatty acids. Eat salmon, trout fish, and seafood.
  • Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is linked to lower fertility for men and women while drinking diet soda and fruit juice did not affect.
  • Heavy consumption of Fast food, less intake of fruits and green vegetables show delayed pregnancy chances.
  • Couples eating more seafood were pregnant sooner than those rarely eating seafood. But should have an intake of lower mercury fish.

Final Word

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Women must try to maintain a healthy weight before conception. Hypervitaminosis A can be bad for developing fetus. Consult your nutritionist and plan for a balanced healthy diet. An unhealthy diet, and avoiding supplements can cause low birth weight, perinatal mortality, miscarriages. Eating Disorders are reversible, and doctors can suggest several measures to correct it. Doctors prescribe prenatal supplements to deliver the essential nutrients during pregnancy for the developing fetus. If you want to conceive, visit Dr Chandana Lakkireddi, MD, FRCOG.Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi has more than 20+ years of experience as an IVF specialist and in Reproductive Medicine. She is the best fertility doctor in Hyderabad. Book your appointment now.

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