IVF or any fertility treatment can be exhausting and troublesome. IVF or in-vitro fertilisation is when ovum and sperm are fertilised outside the female body. The embryo is further placed inside the uterus for growth and development of the embryo. IVF treatment requires the administration of fertility drugs that can alter the hormone level in females. These drugs change the natural hormone level, so there can be many side effects, and fatigue is one of the most common side effects of IVF treatment.  Fatigue can further lead to anxiety, stress and depression because of failed IVF attempts. 

What causes Fatigue during IVF treatment?

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Progesterone is the hormone that maintains the uterus lining, prepares the women’s body for pregnancy and sustains a healthy embryo lining. The same hormone is linked with fatigue. The drugs injected during IVF treatment increase the progesterone level to prepare the body. This leads to fatigue. Fatigue can sometimes exacerbate to anxiety and depression because of failed IVFs, infertility issues.There are phases when Fatigue is more pronounced;

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  • Ovarian stimulation: Changes in hormone levels occur when women are injected with fertility drugs to stimulate ovaries and encourage mature eggs. During this phase, women can experience fatigue.
  • Embryo transfer: During embryo transfer, medicines are injected to alter progesterone level to sustain and create thick uterus lining. 
  • Early stages of pregnancy: During the early stages, there can be fatigue; this shows successful pregnancy and hike in progesterone level.

How To Manage Fatigue?

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Fatigue during IVF treatment is very natural and normal. But it should be managed well to reduce the chances of depression and anxiety. Follow these tips for a successful IVF and to manage your fatigue.

  • Stay fit and eat healthy
  • Have a good night sleep
  • Meditate, do yoga and stretch out
  • Take rest and short naps, avoid exertions
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get a massage, spa and relax
  • Stay positive, ‘this too shall pass’ should always be in your mind


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Do not panic, De-stress and relax. Fatigue is very normal during an IVF treatment. If the fatigue is extreme and persists for days, consult the IVF specialists and ask for advice. Doctors can suggest other ways to overcome these side effects and also monitor the situation in case it’s a sign of a complication. For any help, guidance, counselling and successful IVF treatment, consult Dr Chandana Lakkireddii, the best IVF doctor in Hyderabad. She is a friendly, knowledgeable and an expert IVF specialist with many successful IVFs. Book an appointment now.

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