Blastocyst transfer treatment in Hyderabad

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Blastocyst transfer treatment in Hyderabad

A blastocyst is an advanced staged embryo in which two types of cells are present, one that forms the placenta and other cells from the fetus. With the help of IVF techniques, the embryo is grown in a laboratory in a special medium and is provided with special nutrients to achieve this advanced stage of development.

In blastocyst transfer, the embryo which is an advanced stage of development is transferred. The process is performed on the 5th day of the follicular aspiration. In this process, the doctor removes eggs with the help of the ovary (follicular aspiration), and then they are fertilized in a laboratory with the help of IVF and ICSI. After fertilization, the egg starts to divide and develop into an embryo, and in the stage of development, the first stage is a pronuclear stage, and reaches the 2 and 4 cell stage on the second day, eight-cell stage on the third day, the fourth day on morula stage and fifth day is the blastocyst stage. The embryos are developed in an incubator till the fifth day in a specialized culture medium called blastocyst culture. Then the doctor transfers the embryo into a female uterus, and it is called blastocyst transfer.

The greatest advantages of this process are that there is a higher chance of implantation. The chances of getting pregnant after blastocyst transfer are very high compared to the embryo transfer method.

To avail the benefits of Blastocyst transfer treatment in Hyderabad and to achieve healthy pregnancy, pay a visit to Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi at Nova IVF Fertility Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is yet another treatment method associated with the IVF technique wherein the embryo is synthesized in the laboratory and provided with special nutrients to reach the advanced stages of development. The leading infertility experts do the blastocyst transfer treatment in Hyderabad, and Dr Chandana is certainly the best among all. Her expertise can be ascertained from the fact that she has one of the most reasonable blastocyst transfer costs in Hyderabad. She is well known in Hyderabad and other parts of India for her reputation as one of the best infertility experts with decades of experience in IVF technique.

It is associated with the IVF technique treatment and requires a high level of precision and care. This statement has evolved to a new high in the last couple of years which has also helped reduce the blastocyst transfer cost in Hyderabad. First of all, the egg is supplied with nutrients which leads to advanced stages of embryo development. The advanced stage development is done at a laboratory in a controlled and synthesized manner using IVF and ICSI technique. After synthesizing the egg for 5 days, the embryo is finally transferred to the uterus, and the pregnancy process begins after that. Still, it requires surgical procedures and coupled with an expert doctor at the helm of your treatment.

Blastocyst transfer treatment ensures a higher level of success with minimal chances of failure. The use of advanced technology and the recent development set in terms of research has made this process more accessible and affordable for or a larger section of patients facing difficulties achieving pregnancy. Also, the blastocyst transfer cost in Hyderabad and other parts of India have come down, which is a big addendum in making the treatment process more reliable and thus making it the best alternative. Dr Chandana Lakkireddi is one of the best infertility experts for blastocyst transfer treatment in Hyderabad.

In this process, the whole mechanism is well crafted and done with the utmost precision, which substantially increases the blastocyst treatment's success rate. And when an expert like Dr Chandana is treating you, it can assure you of the best blastocyst transfer treatment in Hyderabad. Although the chances of failure are always there since medical science and the Human body are complex. Still, Dr Chandana's expertise help in averting any complexities because of the lack of qualitative aspect of the treatment.


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